Outing: Individually Guided Rock Climbing


This one is all for you!  One to one guide/instructor ratio. Perfect for the climber who’s maybe comfortable in the gym on those plastic holds but wants to get to know how real rock feels under the fingers. Or, for the beginner (read brand-new!) climber wanting to see what the hype’s all about.

If your outdoor adventuring self has been whispering to you, this is the place to start.  Let us hook you up.  We work with local and traveling outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.  We can assure you there is a perfect day of rock climbing, custom-tailored to what you’re craving.

Experience the thrill of climbing and gain a thorough understanding of fundamental climbing techniques and equipment.  Beginner climbers will delve into gear, knots and belay skills as well as basic movement techniques. Advanced climbers will develop projecting skills, helping get you on harder routes. Form, techniques and all matters of climbing skills will be enhanced under the instruction of your personal experienced guide.

Climb a variety of routes and go home (or camp) tired from a day well spent on real rock.


We regularly guide at the following locations:

Mineral Wells State Park | North Central Texas (Weatherford, TX)

Paradise on the Brazos: | North Central Texas (Graham, TX)

Reimer’s Ranch & North Shore | South Central Texas (Austin, TX)

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch | Arkansas (Jasper, AR)

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge | (Lawson, OK)

Required Gear:

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–  UIAA/CE approved Climbing Helmet

–  UIAA/CE approved Climbing Harness with belay loop

–  Climbing shoes and approach shoes you can climb in

 Recommended Gear:

Note: Gear recommendations are for the individual who plans continued use of equipment.


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–  One 60m or 70m “single” dynamic rope (9.5-10.5mm) suitable for leading and top roping

–  Belay Devices – BD “ATC guide”, Petzl “Teverso” (locking carabiners “HMS/Pearbiners” for this belay devices)

–  Releasable assisted braking device – Petzl “GriGri” or Trango “Cinch” (locking carabiners “HMS/Pearbiners” for this belay devices)

–  2 Prussik loops & 2 locking carabiners ( Sterling Rope 6.8mm Hollow Block Loop )

–  12-14 Quickdraws

–  Rope bag


What to bring: Clothing suitable for camping, climbing or regular exercise, day pack, snacks, water and your own gear if you have it available. Camping gear not included. Please bring camping gear including tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and utensils.

Waiver:  https://waiver.fr/p-uto6S

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