When X Does Not Mark the Spot

In outdoor rock climbing, an X on a rock indicates that it is loose and may completely give way. Avoid weighting these formations, stay alert, and come down off the wall safely. Audra, of HighPoint Expeditions reviews the ways to mitigate rock fall dangers.

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Contrast Bath – The Front Line in Recovery

A contrast bath, or hot/cold immersion therapy, is one of the best ways to help nurse tendons, ligaments, and muscles back to health and maximum performance after an injury. Mario, of HighPoint Expeditions covers the basic and provides a video to review.

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Delta, the Climbing Gym of Monterrey

HighPoint Expeditions recently spent a ten day trip visiting Escalando Fronteras, an NGO based in Monterrey, Mexico that helps at-risk youth and communities by providing outdoor adventure leadership programs. Escalando Fronteras partners with Delta, a premier rock climbing gym and training center in Monterrey.

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Boy Scout Rock Climbing – Troop 35

Boy Scout Troop 35 wasn't afraid to get their hands dirty and pull down on some rock walls! View photos of the day spent at Lake Mineral Wells State Park in Texas. HighPoint Expeditions offers rock climbing merit badges for troops interested in exciting outdoor adventures.

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Climbing Borders, Mexico

In the winter of 2017, HighPoint Expeditions had the opportunity to spend a day following the work of Escalando Fronteras. Literally translated 'Climbing Borders', the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) works with at-risk youth in the most marginalized areas of Monterrey, Mexico.

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