Guided Rock Climbing

Looking for a bit of outdoor adventure in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?  Our professional guides offer an escape from the concrete jungle and an opportunity to gain confidence and skills in all aspects of outdoor climbing. Whether you’ve been climbing indoors for years or have never put on a harness, our classes are designed to take you the next step in exploring your climbing potential.

Mastering new skills under the direction of our expert instructors will be fun, safe and likely have you coming back for more.  Outings, classes, trips and events for all skill levels are offered throughout the year.  Explore the site for individual, family and/or group offerings.

The Dallas/Fort Worth rock climbing community is growing.  Come be a part of it!


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Empowering you to be bold.  To get outside.  To find your own adventures.

If you’re into exploring the great outdoors surrounding you, rock climbing is a perfect balance of fitness and fun while providing a healthy, albeit sometimes addictive dose of adrenaline. And while it attracts the athletic elite, it’s accessible to the myriads of everyday adventurers like yourself.

Come on, let’s climb!

HighPoint Expeditions thrives on removing the mystery from hitting the crag.  Teaching basic rock climbing techniques, styles and jargon to beginner climbers while helping the more experienced learn all the ins and outs of trad climbing.  No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there’s a community growing here to help you keep moving up.

Everyone is welcome! Services provided to children, families, individuals.  Anyone looking for adventure.

Give back…as often as you can.  Do things that matter.  HighPoint Expeditions partners with the global rock climbing community, local parks, and outdoor industry organizations to coordinate regular events, volunteer experiences and exciting opportunities to stretch your athleticism into activism.

Interested in learning more about our partnerships? Contact us today!

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